Thursday, February 10, 2022
1:00pm - 4:00pm ET


The future of work is distributed. And the new normal of work involves communicating, collaborating, and creating with coworkers each day who don’t see each other in-person very often (or ever). The changing nature of how we work is also changing how we approach engaging our employees. What worked in the past may not work anymore.

Join us as industry experts and corporate leaders share what they are learning about engaging employees in a distributed workforce. Discover what we are learning about the changing nature of engagement and what practices are proving most effective in this new era of work.

Engaging the Distributed Workforce On Demand

1:00pm - 1:05pm ET


Jody Ordioni, Founder, achieve Engagement

1:05pm - 1:35pm ET

Working Together While Apart

How do you build a working relationship with someone you can't see? Can company culture be developed asynchronously? Learn how to keep your team connected with trust, empathy, and communication, regardless of your proximity to each other.

Laurel Farrer, CEO, Distribute Consulting

1:35pm - 2:10pm ET

Case Study: Engaging the Distributed Workforce at Southern New Hampshire University

Hear the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) describe their journey to design and launch a unified strategic recognition program. Driven by their values, they designed the program with input from the employee base and continuous feedback from key stakeholders. Learn how they built a business case for a unified recognition program, selected a recognition and reward partner and the results they’ve achieved to date by leveraging technology to connect, motivate and retain their distributed workforce.

Jennifer LaFountain, Director, Talent Engagement & Inclusion, Southern New Hampshire University

2:10pm - 2:40pm ET

The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented experiment that reshaped white-collar work and turned remote work into a kind of "new normal." Now comes the hard part.

Many employees want to continue that normal and keep working remotely, and most at least want the ability to work occasionally from home. But for employers, the benefits of employees working from home or hybrid approaches are not so obvious. What should both groups do?

In a prescient new book, The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face, Wharton professor Peter Cappelli lays out the facts in an effort to provide both employees and employers with a vision of their futures. Cappelli unveils the surprising tradeoffs both may have to accept to get what they want.

Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

2:40pm - 4:00pm ET

Impact Accelerator

In this dynamic session, you’ll learn from three thought leaders who will share high impact insights in short, 20-minute presentations. They will then join together with achieve’s Jason Lauritsen, for a panel conversation to answer audience questions and explore this topic further.


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